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Text My Gym makes connecting with your members and prospects fast & effective

Experience the power of Text My Gym by starting with these three basic steps. The ultimate way to build community and drive profit at your gym!

Step 1: Gather Information

We Make It Simple

It’s easy to add people into Text My Gym. Not only do we offer 1-click integrations with tools like MailChimp and form builders, but you can also import your CSV files, add information from your sign-in kiosks, or allow people to add themselves by texting a keyword and filling out your Smart Connect Card, or signing up directly on your website.

Smart Connect Cards

The perfect way to engage potential members before they show up! Smart Connect Cards make it easy to gather contact information on your website without all the headache of data entry. The best part? It’s already set up for you, and will AUTOMATICALLY send messages to prospects.

Powerful Integrations

No more duplicate entry. Quickly connect your existing marketing software, like MailChimp and more, with your Text My Gym account to keep data in sync.

Step 2:
Follow-Up With Prospects

Proven templates, exceptional results

Join the movement! Thousands of gym and fitness studio owners are using Automated Workflows (pioneered by Text My Gym) to engage with their communities. Our proven, easy to use, follow-up templates are both simple and effective.


Effective & automated workflows

Our 6 week follow-up system is proven and saves you time. Automatically send the perfect emails and text messages to your gym community to increase motivation and engagement. You can even automate reminders to your staff to personally connect with members and prospects!

Step 3: Engage in real conversations

Everyone texts!

You’ll be sending motivational messages, announcements, event invitations, and reminders. People will feel more connected and informed, building greater commitment to your gym than ever before.

Check The Facts:
23 billion texts are sent each day
90% of texts are read within 3 minutes
45% of texts are replied to

No annoying group chats

When your community responds, you’ll have 1 on 1 conversations in the messages tab. Now, the whole group doesn’t have to hear about Larry’s knee surgery!

Real numbers, real conversations

We’ll help you choose a local phone number, making conversations feel personal.

Personalized communication

We’ll automatically insert the recipient’s real name and personalize your messages.


Using our iOS and Android Apps, you’ll quickly send messages to your groups, schedule text messages to send at a later date, and have real conversations from your mobile phone.

We’re talking increased engagement, more paying members and greater participation!

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Easily communicate with your gym community on-the-go using our mobile iOS and Android apps.

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